Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Guided Access on your iDevice got even better.

Time Limit, bottom right
Tek-Ninjas, if you are like me, you were excited by the Guided Access feature on your iDevice, when it came out a few years ago. Well, with the new operating system, OS8, there are some improvements, which make the feature even better!

To start with, the adult can now set a timer for how long the app will run. The interface is incredibly simple. 

Within the timer function, the user can designate what the time bell sounds like, and also have a warning voice let the student know when the time is almost up. This can help tremendously with transitions. 

The timer function can be used to help students know how long they "must" participate in a given app, or how long they "get" to play a game. 

Pretty cool, huh?!

Happy therapy!


  1. My hackles were definitely up, too, Getting really tired of this constant attack on teachers!

    1. It can be exhausting Jannike! I keep hoping the "pendulum" will swing back to support schools and teachers...