Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sometimes Smaller is Better...

Which might you prefer to lug around?
So often I get requests for an iPad for a student. The teacher or parent may even have a specific task or set of tasks they want the student to use the iPad for.

I have started looking even more closely at whether or not the iPad is the best tool for the job. More often I'm finding that the smaller (and cheaper) iTouch is a better route to go. 

If the student is needing to use an app such as Read2Go to access books, which they will listen to and follow along with the text, an iTouch may work just as well.  That is, if they don't have vision issues.  Perhaps the student uses a picture schedule, or needs to be able to snap pictures for a blog.  If that's the case, an iTouch will do the job.

The other benefits are that an iTouch slips into a pocket. And they are much cheaper to replace if they are broken or stolen.

So, when you are preparing to set a student up with an iDevice, don't overlook the functionality of an iTouch!

Happy Therapy!

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