Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Xtranormal: calling all animators, poets, pundits, educators, and comics!

According to the folks at Xtranormal: "they make your stories come to life...(helping) you create amazing interactive stories with a few clicks and a little imagination."

Xtranormal makes your stories come to life. It's that simple. Create a story. Share a story. Watch a story.  Xtranormal is an online program where you create stories, picking from a rooster of characters in differrent locations. You are able to choose "camera angles", and type your dialogue which will then be converted to digital voices. You can even choose different voices.  Xtranormal on the surface is similiar to Voki, but rather than record you own voice, you type to for digital voice output, and there are a wider variety of scenes and angles.

I use Xtranormal in a similiar way to Toontastic, but with older students.  I have my students develop their own scripts. If we are working on handwriting we fold that into the creative process. Xtranormal also provides students an opportunity to practice their keyboarding, as the software turns text to voice.

Xtranormal is ideal to address temporal concepts, "first, second, third, etc... as well as spatial, "above, behind, in front, etc".  When the student is finished, you can email the end product to their family, or any interested party.

This is an Xtranormal video I made to support an inservice I provided to School-based OTs.

There are a variety of pricing options for folks, and something is likely to meet your budget. Free worked well for me!
Price Structure

Below is a display of just some of the scenes you can choose from. Some are recognizable, others, original.
Possible Characters

Happy Therapy!

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