Thursday, February 14, 2013

Life's Distractions

Hey Tech-Ninjas!

Hope your all well. Obviously I've not written in a while.

A whole lot of good stuff is going on in my life.

Of special significance and exciting is the wrestling team that I help coach is kicking butt.  We only have 10 wrestlers, of a possible 14 starters, and we took second place at our Conference Tournament last weekend. We had 3 first places, 3 second places, and 3 third places. Mere points from over all first place. Now we are working extra hard to get ready for our Regional Tournament where we expect to kick more butt.

In the face of the stupid IOC discontinuing wrestling in the Olympics, my fellow coach DeWitt Driscoll and I are helping these high-school wrestlers develop discipline, perseverance, work-ethic, pride, and sportsmanship.

This means I am running or lifting with my wrestlers every morning before school, and also practicing every day after school for two hours. I'm whipped, and frankly don't have a whole lot extra in the tank to write my blog. I'm not as young as them after all...

Fear not, it's temporary!

So keep doing all your good work in your own communities, schools, and families, and I'll be writing again soon.


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  1. Hey for those of you who might be interested:

    We were the Runner-up at our Regional Tournament. 6 of our wrestlers placed in the top 4 which garnered them an opportunity to wrestle at the State Championship in Greensboro. At the State Championship, we placed 7 out of 46 AA teams. One Wrestler took first place, and another took second. I am very proud of all the team. We have been wrestling for only 3 years here at Carrboro High, and the level of commitment, and hard work these young men exhibited is inspiring.

    Okay. Back to technology, therapy, and education!